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Sizes and Costs

Proportion of Images


The proportion of the images may not fit the size of the photograph that you order. In this case there may be some marginal cropping or the horizontal and vertical borders may not be the same size.

6x4.5, 6x4 and 5x3.75 £2.00 per print


7x5 £2.50 per print


10 x 7 and 10x8 £4.50 per print


15x10 £6.50 per print




The postage and packing is included in all orders over £20.00. There is a £2.00 postage charge for orders under this amount.

Contact Details


Due to internet security we do not publish our address, please email or phone your order through, it will then be checked and our address sent by return.


Please be sure to include the following information with your request: your full contact details, the album name and the image number.


Tel: 01530 510328, email: nigel@actiontake1.com subject line include the words photo request followed by the event name.